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modern Artifacts

The Texan Necklace


This piece was created to be a delicate, yet graphic statement for anyone who wears it. The rough turquoise patina is married to the high shine and lambent nature of the polished Nu-Gold, all sealed to protect the finish. Suspended from a 14” chain, 14k gold filled. 

Known for her hammered gold textures and signature patina, Heather Wobbe of Modern Artifacts hand finishes each design creating a truly unique piece of jewelry each time.  She works with recycled 14K gold and gold filled materials, sterling silver, nu-gold, bronze, copper, and shibuich as well as ethically sourced and conflict free raw diamonds, fossils, geodes, stalactites, lapis lazuli, amethyst, rose quartz, white howlite, Italian red coral, and other stones.  Whether using a mirror-like polish, patina, a sandblaster, or 23K gold leaf, contrasting finishes define her work and give it the graphic quality which lends it its identity.