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Texan Patina Necklace


Texas is a great state with a long rich history full of brave women, bandits, and heroes.  Many of it's greatest residents have been dreamers, revolutionaries, creators, and entrepreneurs and the spirit of Texas was a part of them all, just as it is within all who live here.  I created this piece to be a delicate, yet graphic statement for anyone who wears it.  The rough turquoise patina is married to the high shine and lambent nature of the polished Nu-Gold, all sealed to protect the finish.  

Available in three sizes:

Large - just over 1 inch across / Medium - 3/4 inch / Small - 1/2 inch.  
All are hung on an 18 inch 14K gold filled chain, but we are happy to create a custom length just message at checkout if a different length is needed.  

Made in Houston.