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Janavi M Folmsbee

Houston Charactered Away Art Print


As a scuba diver and a passionate marine conservationist, Janavi M. Folmsbee’s colorful work is inspired by her ocean dives. Her painting 'Houston Charactered Away,’ a mural, created for LAUNCH draws on colors and shapes of aquatic life. This time, the artist has used her marine forms in the shape of Houston’s skyline.

“My work here shows the beauty and strength of the ocean and of our city,” says Folmsbee, “I view Houston as a melting pot of global diversity and community, I choose to visually depict it with the use of colors and patterns inspired by various species of tropical fish from all over the world. The use of a multitude of color and lines inspired by my dives from all over the world is symbolic to the identity of the very nature of our city, being global and colorful.”

 There are only a limited number of prints available. Visit for more of her works.