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Magpies & Peacocks

Holiday Zip Clutch

Magpies & Peacocks Zip Pouch Holiday Bag: Zip pouch up-cycled from scrap fabric collected by Magpies & Peacocks non-profit design house. Handcrafted by Magpies & Peacocks network of makers, the bag was created using the zero waste method that M&Ps is known for by using the fabric in its entirety, making it a true sustainable yet eco chic product. 

Magpies & Peacocks, Inc.
  is the nation’s only 501(c)3 non-profit design house dedicated to the collection and sustainable reuse of post-consumer clothing, scrap textiles and accessories – in order to disrupt the cycle of waste in the fashion industry and mitigate its environmental impact. They collaborate with designers and artists to create unique up-cycled products, provide a resource library of reusable material for the creative community, offer skill building and sustainability education and incubate circular fashion innovation. With laser focus on the urgent need for responsible, fashion production, sourcing and end of life garment reuse, the non-profit design house aims to present their planet-friendly offerings to the nation with impact.