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Rosehip Essentials

Rosehip Facial Serum


This intensive serum uses the most potent ingredients of a facial moisturizer with no fillers. Best suited for fine lines, uneven skin tones and sun damage. Made with very light non greasy oils.
Direction: After cleansing face, gently massage a dime size amount of serum both morning and evening.
Rosehip Seed Oil - The only vegetable oil that naturally contains retinol acid (vitamin A), a vitamin crucial for healthy skin. High content of vitamin C to create an even skin tone.
Carrot Seed Essential Oil - The most potent oil for mature skin. Works by activating the sebaceous glands, stimulating cell growth and removing toxins.
Medowfoam Oil - Forms a moisture barrier, will assist the skin in preventing moisture loss and reducing wrinkles.
Jojoba Oil - Mimics skins natural oils for a deeper moisturizing and a non greasy feel.
Geranium Rose Essential Oil - Used for environmentally damaged or mature skin, balancing and uplifting qualities when inhaled.
Lavender Essential Oil - Calming and soothing for skin irritations such as rosacea or acneic skin.