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Meet Sarah-Jayne Smith and Ahshia Berry of Magpies & Peacocks in EaDo

Posted on August 23 2019

Meet Sarah-Jayne Smith and Ahshia Berry of Magpies & Peacocks in EaDo

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sarah-Jayne Smith, Ahshia Berry.

Sarah-Jayne and Ahshia, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Sarah-Jayne Smith: I founded Magpies & Peacocks in 2011 with help from a small but mighty set of friends. I had a long career in design tucked under my belt and had learned a lot about Houston as a city since my move here from London in 1998. Interior design had given me access to the homes and lifestyles of many Houstonians, and it had been quite a culture shift from my life in England! Environmental awareness was clearly an area in need of improvement here, but oddly what stuck out in my mind was particularly how people cleaned out their closets and how wasteful we had all become.

I had recently lost my mother and sister to cancer and was brutally aware of the problems of getting rid of things that had sentimental value. We all have stories attached to ‘things’ and as our lives evolve we squirrel away this stockpile of stuff we attach to those memories. It seemed like there needed to be a much better route for that stuff, one that would honor those processions rather than have them sit collecting dust, getting bagged up with the goodwill pile or worse ending up in the trash.

Meanwhile in the retail industry, fast fashion was rampantly taking over and cheap apparel was creating a ‘disposable’ attitude to clothing. Every day seemed like... Read More